saber153 Asked: So from what you've played of Destiny so far what do you think of it?

So far I’ve only played my Exo Titan to level 7, but intend to try all classes before this is up haha

Overall, this game is great!! In the most simplest of terms it’s Halo meets MMO, instance based levels where you can come across and aid other players, numerous weapons and armor pieces that are easy to come across and still feel rewarding after conquering a  drove of fallen, and familiar and easy to jump into gameplay!

I felt right at home with the controls, weapons and abilities and really realllyyy appreciate the streamlined look of the graphics, screens, menus… it’s all very pretty and well put together

the customization is a little lack luster in way of options but it really doesn’t matter all that much given the vast array of armor (which is what you see in combat anyway)

The story seem interesting and I genuinely want to play to learn more and I’m also a fan of the enemy names and designs as well. Similar to the trope of Halo enemies having religious undertones in their names, the Fallen of Destiny have fantasy/Rpg inspired names like Thralls, Dregs, Vandals, Acolytes, Knights and Wizards

can’t wait to see more and the full release : )

benjis-hub replied to your post: Oh mannnn did they get the same compos…

They did, then they fired him.

This is literally a crime >;(

Pretty fly

Oh mannnn did they get the same composer for this as the Halo series?? The opening cinematic is already amazing

ajsdklfj;aadsfkj I can’t decide between Hunter and Titan

all I know is I don’t want to be the Warlock class haha

damn now I realize that means I only have tonight to play Destiny beta haha

Going to be out of town for a week

huh so my friend and Guts! collaborator spontaneously invited me to go down to South Carolina with his family tomorrow night.

That being said I won’t be with my trusty desktop to work on commissions, drawings, Guts! stuff etc. 

I’ll have my sketchbook and iPad though so I’ll still post doodles now and then whenever I’m not at the beach XD

Thanks guys! 


Lugia by TwoDD

Masashi Kishimotos sketch of an older Naruto

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the download is mind bendingly slow though…

at 6%

thedarkwarrior replied to your post: never mind I redeemed the code on xbox…

Check your download history.

did some digging and I got it going again thank you!

never mind

I redeemed the code on xbox live, ran out of storage space, stopped the download and put in an external hard drive in the usb and now I can’t find how to restart the download… tried redoing the code but it’s already redeemed

I think I really screwed up and now I can’t play